Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hi My name is Red Fish. I am a male Betta. I live in a bowl on a shelf above the TV in a living room in a house in South GA. I have blue, pink and purple rocks in the bottom of my bowl. There are four humans who live in the house with me. A grown female, a grown male and a young male and a young female. The grown female let me substitute for her one day in her blog. At bonnie.bamablog.com I have lived here for seven days now and my humans are hopeful that I will have a long life. They didn't have much luck with gold fish a couple of years ago. I also have a cousin ( of sorts) who blogs, he is a cat. You can find his link under BloggingCat at Bamablog.com . I am actually glad that the cat lives at another address. It would be a little nerve racking to have a cat staring at me everyday. But as long as he is else where then we can be friends. His female human is the sister of mine. My life is simple. so I will attempt to find the interesting , in the everyday. Feeding time is my favorite. I also love to rush to the front of the bowl whenever a human walks by. I would love a good fight.

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